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Airborne Airport Marketing

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project challenge

Airborne's partnering agency needed an innovative and effective way to get Airbourne products into consumers' hands and immune systems. The goal was to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, specifically targeting the hard-to-reach frequent flyer demographic. For a second year, Attack! was enlisted to help in reaching their target.

winning strategy

Attack! gained security clearance at Chicago O'Hare and Denver International Airport to bring Airborne directly to travelers. Attack! promotional brand ambassadors infiltrated the high-traffic airports at security checkpoints and boarding gates to hand out samples, bags and branded t-shirts.


  • Promotional-Staff-for-Airport-Marketing-Airbourne-Event-Marketing
  • Street-Teams-for-Airbourne-Airport-Marketing
  • Sampling-Brand-Ambassadors-and-Street-Teams-for-Airbourne-Marketing

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