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project challenge

DirecTV was looking for a way to inform the public of their high-caliber service offerings as compared to that of local competitors.

winning strategy

Attack! created a DirecTV Customer Care Centers resembling beach cabanas in order to highlight DirecTV customer service. Promotional brochures and complimentary smoothies in branded cups were provided during the two-day event held in multiple Los Angeles locations.

media testimonial

“DirecTV drew a strong response to its DirecTV L.A. Rescue campaign featuring Customer Care Centers in four Los Angeles area shopping malls. The two-day event, handled by Attack! Marketing & Promotions, drew approximately 15,000 visitors to the four centers distributing 7,700 free smoothies in DirecTV-branded cups, 12,000 DirecTV promotional brochures, and free DirecTV T-shirts in settings resembling beach cabanas.”
- PROMO Magazine


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  • DirectTV-Flyering-by-Brand-Ambassadors-for-Promotional-Marketing-Event
  • DirectTV-Publicity-Stunt-with-Brand-Ambassadors-for-Guerrilla-Marketing

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