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The Westin Hotel Zen Garden

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project challenge

The Westin's partnering agency wanted to enhance the hotel's nationwide marketing campaign promoting revitalized emphasis on the rejuvenating experiences of a Westin stay.

winning strategy

Attack! commissioned a local Zen artist to design a Zen garden in San Francisco's busy Union Square (directly across from The Westin Hotel itself). 25 tons of gravel and rocks were brought in to build the enchanting 30-by-80-foot garden. City-goers were able to watch the artist work while friendly brand ambassadors were on hand to answer questions and distribute brochures on the Zen Master, the Zen Garden and The Westin's revamped décor.


  • Promotional-Brand-Ambassadors-and-Labor-Staff-for-Westin-Hotel-Marketing
  • Guerrilla-Marketing-and-Promotional-Staffing-for-Westin-Hotel
  • Publicity-Stunt-and-Guerrilla-Marketing-for-Westin-Hotels

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