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Our clients expect the best, and Attack! delivers.

"We trust Attack!'s in-house Account Managers to consistently deliver quality staff for our client events. Their pre-event processes are thorough, effective, and quick, even when it comes to last minute requests. Attack!'s superior field managers, brand ambassadors and tradeshow staff continue to help our events run smoothly. The in-house team and onsite staff are a pleasure to work with - they are enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable. Having one less thing to worry about on-site is invaluable. Thank you, Attack!"

- Tina Honer, Event Manager, Sparks

"Attack! raises the bar, as they are extremely hands-on and committed to providing the best talent and service out there. They go above and beyond, are an absolute pleasure to work with, and continue to over-deliver with each project. They have a great understanding and appreciation for what we do and I love their "make it happen" kind of attitude!"

- Lindsey Kops, Account/Creative Supervisor, Relay Worldwide

"Whether working on a large multi market promotion or a smaller scale program, Attack is thorough with logistics, coordination and follow-through. They are patient, calm under pressure and always willing to put in the extra time to make my needs a priority. Attack is passionate about what they do."

- Greg Okun, Director of Event Marketing, Entertainment Marketing Group

"Through the years, I've come to Attack! with many unusual requests. Attack! handled everything from permits to staffing to branded vehicles. They continue to deliver creativity, tremendous resourcefulness and great communication. Attack! is our #1 source for bringing creative ideas to life."

- Jane Thompson, General Manager, BITE PR

"We came to Attack! looking for top quality talent to interact with children, parents, and press contacts at extremely important events. Attack! staff went the extra mile, and we received the publicity and community connections we were looking for."

- Jenny Smith, Partner, Pita Communication

"Attack! provided incredible logistical planning, support and promotional talent for the entirety of the thirty stop College Campus Tour. I would recommend Attack! to anyone looking for a tight-knit agency specializing in non-traditional and event marketing."

- Robin Davis, Project Manager, Game Live Events

"Attack brought reliable logistical thoroughness, defined process management, and extensive staffing resources to our campaigns. Attack is extremely responsive in making sure that all campaign details are clarified, goals met, and returns of investment reported. Their quality and program assurance makes Attack a shoo-in for all your guerrilla marketing needs."

- Alice Chung, Bragman, Nyman & Cafarelli

"Attack!'s ability to find and place specialized staff on a wide variety of projects, even those in traditionally 'tough' markets, makes our jobs significantly easier. We notice and appreciate the great relationships they have with their talent. An added bonus: they offer great rates."

- Ernie Kapanke, Director, Account Services, Eventive Marketing

"Attack! has an excellent turnkey system that responds quickly to event details and changes. Attack! brand ambassadors did an outstanding job... Not only did we collect valuable consumer data for our client, but gained media recognition as well."

- Nubia Henderson, Account Executive, Burrell Communications

"Attack!'s staff is...something I can always count on! Attack! is my go-to-agency!"

- Naz Keynejad, Founder, CMP Marketing & Events