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Generate word-of-mouth momentum for your product, service or brand.

Each year, more than 256 billion product and service related online impressions are generated on social networks. Attack!’s Social Underground™ works in sync with our proprietary network and technology, People Tracker™ and LiveOne™, to identify ideal social media influencers and harness the power of online brand impressions.

Spark organic conversations, develop dynamic multimedia content and inspire ongoing consumer-brand interactions with Social Underground™. Now, you can identify core advocates and integrate their genuine passion with your branded content to generate meaningful impressions for your brand.

Behind-the-scenes benefits of Social Undergroud™:
• Gather multimedia content to repurpose
• Obtain a comprehensive metrics dashboard
• Sustain long-term connections with core advocates
• Produce long-tail results

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See what others have to say...

"Social Underground™ connected us with targeted, active online users that created original content, social buzz and (most importantly) had fun with our product. The response was phenomenal!”- Lee Doerr, CEO/Co-Founder of iBallz™ for iPad

“I expected success, but I have been blown away by the way Social Underground™ organized the campaign and elicited a wholly genuine response from the participants. Their innovative ideas brought freshness and excitement to the experience, and the readers have moved beyond being promoters to being true fans. I will never launch a book again without Social Underground™!”- Karen Essex, DoubleDay Author of Dracula in Love

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